Black James - Igonoring Life Song

Some real shit from a real person. This is an example of what I, Robert Muraine, consider to be milc.

My long time friend James has been on his own personal mission of self betterment. His girlfriend Anna whom which he was living in secrecy with for over 3 years under her parents noses, was recruited to the navy months back. Causing James to live back with his mother and family in Hanford, CA. During this time he chose to take the life of a Destonian, and shave his head, works out in the sun, and tries to find the root of any mind possessions he has had, or in other words thoughts that can cause a negative impact on ones life, damaging his or her future or ones mind/thought process in general. ANYWAYS on this path he took, so much art has been flowing through him, whether he realizes it or not. And it has been inspiring the shit out of me! Here is somthing he wrote and performed on youtube, and something that im now working on as well. Unlike most of my friends that are MC's in the works, this guy wrote a song, performed i,t and at that delivered it very well! Not only that but claims not to be anything but himself, james. During his struggle instead of being the typical human and drinking or smoking his troubles away he has created art. I hope everybody has taken a lesson from his recent choices as i did!

If your interested in anything else from james check out his blog!


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