[MILC044] milc Presents: milc Dubs Compilation (Out Now!)

milc dubs is finally here! You can grab it almost anywhere on the internet at the moment! Over 20 dub reggae smashers from artist's such as 6Blocc, DJ SnipaZ, ReactionDubs, Myxed Up and many others :D OUT NOW!







1. 6Blocc, Enuf Talk & G Mecha - Muderation Dub
2. Chief Kaya & Gutz - Ganja Man
3. Itchy Robot - Lion Shuffle
4. Gutz, Wulf, Indica - Cali Dread (Wulf VIP)
5. DJ SnipaZ - Bun All Midi
6. Myxed Up - Hopeful Heart Dub
7. Reaction - Send
8. Chief Kaya - Stick Up Kids
9. Lory Kong - Carrot Juice
10. Volume A - Children Of The Hurricane
11. Reaction - Signal Dub
12. Hanns - Brick Wall
13. Mr Fantastic - December Dub (The Greys Remix)
14. Myxed Up - Rastaman Ting
15. Mr Fantastic - December Dub
16. Bentronix - Dub Joint
17. Bentronix - Nottingham Dub
18. styn & Jerks. - Natural Herb (Styn’s Dub VIP)
19. Duskdown - Here With Me (6Blocc Remix)
20. Kinzy - Brown Eyes
21. Itchy Robot & Subline - Melting Dub
22. MISSHIN - Busta Rasta VIP


[MILC040] milc presents: DEEP (Out April 20th)

Finally, the final chapter to the epic 'Deep, Dark & Ugly' compilation series by milc, awaits us... This beast of a release will pack over 25 of the best deep tunes from some of the best artists in the deep dubstep scene. Official track list and press release coming very very soon, April 20th is the official release date! Mark your calendars and book mark this blog post because updates will be posted here!

Audio clips coming soon, More TBA...

[MILC039] Machina - Cerebral Cortex EP (Out April 11th)

How would a label possibly be able to follow up a release like Megalodon's Zombie Rot single without dropping the ball? After going through loads of dubs the only EP that could fit the bill was the Machina release called Cerebral Cortex. I look at Cerebral Cortex as an updated tribute to Styn & Jordan's Gutter ep, because it is just that, GUTTER as fuck! The sound that Machina has been bringing for the past couple of years has really lifted the bar in the dance floor dubstep genre, countless DJs have been rinsing practically the whole EP for a few months now. Bioweapon, is already a warehouse rave anthem, played by the likes of Gutz, SkintDisco and many others! Variation Drone has been on the back burner and is one to whip out when you need to recharge the energy in the dance, guaranteed mosh pit material. Cerebral Cortex & Russian Roulette are absolute bangers and are so fun to chop on the real. This EP is a must have milc release and will definitely do its job at the rave, bangers on top of bangers. You can expect to see MILC039 as a beatport exclusive from March 21st to April 7th world wide just after!

[MILC038] Megalodon - Zombie Rot (Out March 7th!)

We haven't had a tune come in that was THIS big in a long time, so we decided to put it in it's own category, as a single. Megalodon's Zombie Rot is one of those instant classics that will chew right threw any sound system, and summon only the nastiest of mosh pits. This is the most highly anticipated release on milc roster since Lifecycle's Ziek single [MILC002], which we put out over two years ago! We hope you all are as ready as we are, one month till lift off! Take note because this will be a beatport exclusive from March 7th till 21st so make sure to look out for it there before it goes world wide!! We will post clips as the date approaches :]


[MILC37] Jonah Freed - 1/2 mt EP (Out Feb 22nd)

MILC037, the first official release of the year for milc and obviously for the man Jonah Freed. Now normally you wouldn't expect a hiphop EP to be coming out on our bass music label, but if the bass is plentiful and the music is good, then you best believe it will be on milc regardless of genre or speed. Jonah Freed is the future. Period. You may have heard snippets of him on Rinse.fm or other various radio stations, clubs or warehouses, thats because man delivers quality music with actual emotion and feeling but without failing to make your head bob. And don't be fooled, Jonah Freed makes ill dubstep too! (you can catch the tune called 'Tactile' on the forthcoming Deep compilation, coming out this April or May) The half empty EP oops, I mean 1/2 mt EP starts off with Andalusia.

Strokes of vivid reds and oranges, tropical flavors and latin vibes. An uplifting beginning to the start of a future classic EP. Hilton, talk about classic, Mr Freed delivers on this one, it's one of those beats that flatter the MC, one to pick up! I'll be is a definite favorite, this one takes us back to the early 2000s with sounds resembling the legendary RJD2, makes me want to bust out the linoleum and start hittin some head glides. Standing In The Shadows is seriously just screaming for ill bars, where's the pen and paper? Witching Hour was probably constructed during hard times and rainy weather, melancholic and even with a dark overhang, brings balance to the almost perfect EP, leaving you with the though of what is this dude going to do next? Make sure to pick this big EP up in the hip hop section on your favorite digital music retailer on February 22nd 'Jonah Freed - 1/2 mt EP

[MILC036] Myxed Up - Protection Dub EP (Out Now!)

Denver's very own Myxed Up has brought in the vibes with the Protection Dub EP which has been out now for a few weeks (that you can pick up in any and all digital music retailers). Myxed Up has definitely brought in the new year with the proper positive vibes and energy that seems to be radiating out of the Denver underground scene long before the legalization of the sweet sweet cheeba. The Protection Dub EP opens up with just that, Protection Dub, directly hitting the listener below the belt. The depth is real. Clear Thinking, (my personal favorite) is where the heart of all that positive energy is gathered on the EP, the track is truly an inspirational one, cannot pinpoint where the sample is from, but it just compliments the production so well, hats off to the kid.

Boomah was the tune that first got us hooked on Myxed Up's sound, the air and minimal approach was the perfect dub to fit in our sets, deep, dark and ugly. (Boomah was originally planned to be released on the forthcoming Deep compilation :P) Sacred, atmospheric pads, DEEEP bass, and incredibly tranquil vibes; qualities that ooze from the Rocky Mountain resident. Ancient another favorite of ours is the one to drop on the masses, bathe them in the bass. The EP comes to a violent close with Gutz' roller of a remix of Boomah, which you can hear a wash of authentic SRE 555 chorus echo splash all around all over the place, quite nice. We should also be expecting some bonus tracks (freebies) in the near future from man Myxed Up but for now make sure to grab this HUGE EP in stores now!


[FREEMILC006] Gutz - 'The Will Of The Shogun' EP (Remixes by Hoztel, Seriph & Bonkrz) [Free DL]

We apologize in advance for the bad taste as far as the gore on the cover art goes, but this is the only release we have professionally ready to go for such a last minute giveaway. On behalf of milc we would like to apologize in advance in hopes we offend nobody. Cheers and nothing but our utmost respect!

We here at milc are honored to give a very big release away today in memorial for all of the innocent lives that were taken from us this past Friday night in Paris. Being in the midst of all the chaos and violence here in as a foreigner in Paris, the least we can do as musicians and or producers, is offer something that might bring some positivity back to people who might need be in need of some, with all the destruction, carnage and stupidity happening around us...

Our humble offer is the choice to either download for free 'The Will Of The Shogun EP', or make any kind of contribution or donation at the time of downloading where then the proceeds for [FREEMILC006] will go directly to the local help center in the 11th arrondissement in Paris (which happens to be the neighborhood where 2 of the 6 massacres occurred last Friday night. Any sort of effort or compassion will be greatly appreciated by the people of France and the others that have been directly affected by this tragic event. Thanks for your support and enjoy the release! An extra big thanks to Hoztel, Seriph & Bonkrz for being kind enough to put in work for the cause, and James 'DarkElixir' for the quick turn around on the last minute mastering! Peace Love Unity & Respect to all!



[MILC035] Gutz - New Sound LP (Out Monday Nov 9th)

New Sound is finally here! Over a year in the making, if you haven’t heard anything from Gutz in awhile, it’s because the milc boss has been in the kitchen blending out beats for this album! Guts’ original style is stamped all over the LP and has a skanking rhythm that pumps throughout most of the record making it perfect for playing at parties and big shows.

Gutz’ remix of Wulf’s classic tune ‘Bless’ is a superb opener to the album and gives that vibe that the rest of whats coming, is going to be proper. A perfect song to start an album or even a show with. A hint of Wulf on any kind of bass music release and bodies tend to hit the floor.

‘New Sound’… the single and the name of the album. I think that says everything no? Definitely the banger of the lot, makes people dance, gives people that screw face that they are looking for, a legitimate skanker. Be fully aware that evil baselines lurk just around the corner and might creep up on you if you aren’t paying attention…

“You better fight, you better get up tight, don’t be a square because ‘Warfare!” Another one of those tunes that just shoots pulsing 808 bass down your throat. An instant dubstep classic and an all around favorite of most of the milc team! This played along with either track one two on this album during a DJ set is mashup heaven, get it to it!

Indica, one of the latest artists added to the official milc roster makes his appearance on the New Sound LP on the collaboration entitled ‘Konfusion Dub’! The track was in fact made before any of the tunes were made on his debut EP “Dilation” which was released on milc earlier this year! Making this tune the oldest Indica tune on release! This crossover wobbler fills the room with a proper shower of bass.

‘Children’s Song’ another crowd favorite, delivers what the rest of the album couldn’t, fast driving 808 action. Stepping away from the skank and two step for a quick minute, and back to our african roots. Tribal rhythms and 140 footwork dominate the subs and gets those booties shakin’!!

Cooling off a bit with some tropical Jamaican vibes, we drop ‘Sunshine Dub’ into the mix and we slow things back down into that Gutz groove. A clean chilled out dub with a double timed baseline with a sub pumping so hard that windows may actually break, with Audio Animals UK on the mix and master you could very well expect it.

Dinner Plate notably Wulf’s favorite tune of the lot has probably more play time out in clubs than anything else on the LP. A tribute to a dub classic, Gutz’ spin on ‘Dinner Plate’ puts the classic back into a modern DJ’s ammunition crate!

Ending the originals portion of the album with a bang, Gutz brings you ‘Bass Hittin’! What could’ve easily been the hit single on the album, is delivered as a surprise never heard before final end boss tune! Bringing back that dirty bass you may have only heard in ‘New Sound’ Gutz injected a little bit of that heavy flavor that some of them ride kids still crave! But of course sprinkled with proper proportions of that awkward Gutz vibe. Make sure to also catch the instrumental if you aren’t feeling too much of that Skream vibe ;]

What would an LP be without remixes by artists that are strong in the game? SkintDisco’s remix of ‘New Sound’ has already been heard all over the world from the dark dirty warehouse parties in Paris, France and Denver, Colorado USA to some of the biggest dubstep radio shows in the world (Get Darker) & others! Dark Elixir with the left hook smashed out the Children’s Song remix and completely reworked it into a bass music monster and completes the masterpiece of Gutz debut album New Sound

Finally, the New Sound LP is Gutz’ tribute to the real deal dubstep sound, actually going out of his way to recut and piece together many old forgotten dubs and rework them into bass driven dance floor classics! Good for the warehouse parties of the future or even just for listening to at the crib.


[MILC033] Zoobi - Human Touch (Out Monday October 12th)

Zoobi's signature OG sound on the 'Human Touch' EP pulls the soul right out from the depths of your rotting corpse. Boiler starts things off with a backdrop of ancient ruins and sacrificial practices. Witchdoctors skank out around piles of burning bone and bubbling flesh to dark basslines that could only be conjured by the man himself, Zoobi. His next offering, 'Slow Jam' takes us from the burning deserts of 'Boiler' to the cavernous deep thoughts of inside Brain. Dub echoes and sounds from the abyss sloth around in a bloody bass bath so deep that it will make your insides turn out. 'Memories' is a tribute to those whose closets are filled with black. Dark vibes and the quintessential Zoobi ultra black bassline dominates any dance floor. 'Frank' is where things start to get a little psychotic, the creator definitely had the intention to kill, slowly and with an evil minimalistic touch. My personal favorite to use as a set opener, to let everybody know that the apocalypse is coming. Finally,'Human Touch' the final chapter to Zoobi's version of the book of revelations, grinds what remains of you into dust. Hope that settles everything, make sure too keep your eye out for 'Human Touch' by Zoobi (MILC033) out on all major digital retailers October 12, 2015!

Listen Here:


[FREEMILC005] SkintDisco - The Fresh 'milc' EP [Free WAV DL]

After not having any real release movement after the (actually quite successful) Lory Kong - Trials EP, SkintDisco hit us up and sent us 5 tunes that he wanted to release 'THIS WEEK' to get the ball rolling between releases! When I opened the folder and played the first track I was gassed dude wanted to put it out as a download! I directly chopped up some shitty half assed wannabe Monsta Art, so we could release this freebie ASAP as part of the FREEMILC series! (So we do owe monsta one!) This Fresh milc EP is SERIOUS, and loaded with 3 SkintDisco dubs & 2 Bonus Tracks that are all honestly complete fire, and that we would've been more than delighted to have as an official release!

So without any further bullshit, here is the download.




01 SkintDisco - Skinton Hunter
02 SkintDisco - The Message
03 SkintDisco - The Motion Tracker
04 SkintDisco - Prepare (Bonus Track)
04 SkintDisco - Prepare VIP (Bonus Track)


[MILC032] Lory Kong - Trials EP (Out May 4th Bandcamp | May 18th World Wide Release!)

Lory Kong is one of milc’s top up and coming producers. Born and raised in Houston, Texas. Kong was introduced to the Dubstep scene around late 2009 and was DJing and producing just a year later. Lory has been using Reason since the beginning and has been on Reason 8 since it’s been out! This self-taught prodigy is surely on his way to big things and ‘Trials’ is a great example of just how he’s doing that!

Exclusive bandcamp release on May 4th!! (Includes Bonus Track)

Worldwide release on May 18th!! (No Bonus Track Included)

01 - Lory Kong - Trials
02 - Lory Kong - Janube
03 - Lory Kong - Just For Kicks
04 - Lory Kong - Dubstep Epidemic
05 - Lory Kong - Back Room

Lory’s debut release on milc ‘Trials’ starts off with just that, one of the biggest tunes on the EP! Dub vibes are peppered throughout this one, with a pulsing bassline sure to get the dance floor jumping! You will find hints of that Lofi 70’s Kingston sound echoing around the room when rinsed and is a great tune that stands out in a mix!

So, how does one follow up to such a big tune like ‘Trials’, with out killing the vibe of the party? In this instance ‘Janube’ delivers. With a driving tribal bounce, and such a beautiful percussion track, this tune is hard not to want to put in the next set! The sub alone should be able to get the ladies wet. Old school vibes on this one will make everybody in the room more than happy to keep moving.

‘Just For Kicks’ marks the halfway point of the EP and sounds like it could belong to a halfway house. For those that like that retarded dirty gully sound in their dubstep, this one is def for you. Minimalistic vibes layered with such warm synths it makes the hairs on your skin stand up when it hits that 17th bar. ‘Just For Kicks’ pays a perfect complement to Joedan & Styn’s ’Gully’ EP that milc released about a year ago! This is definitely a tune to have in the collection.

What is a Dubstep EP without a banger? ‘Dubstep Epidemic’ is that tune. A straight Skream wobbler that sends shivers down the spine of the listener. Seriously a milc classic right here! You can look for a VIP or remix of this in the future on an upcoming milc compilation! Don’t miss this one!

‘Back Room’ is honestly one of the most diverse sounding tunes on the EP. It’s one of those tracks that take you on a real head-trip while listening. It could even be a musical interpretation of a bad acid trip, which definitely makes for some good Dubstep. The way the tune drops is just so unique and bone chilling that it makes a great tune to pull out in a smoky warehouse party or something that reeks of a proper sound system.

Overall, we here at milc think Lory Kong’s ‘Trials’ EP is the perfect way to kick off our 2015 release lineup! You can be sure to hear more of Lory Kong in the near future and like we said, he is definitely on his way to big things! Make sure to pick up ‘Trials’ and most of all, book this dude at your local parties! You can find ‘Trials’ in all digital retailers on May 18th! Big up the milc crew and the new addition to the roster: Lory Kong!


Gutz Volca Series (Beats, Keys & Bass) Session 001

Gutz is at it again! This time with some live analog action using the Korg Volca series and a cheap but very reliable Yamaha MG06X 6 channel mixer with a few built in effects! Gutz delivers super chill out Dub Techno vibes with a hint of some house percussion. Very chill and inspiring stuff, make sure to check it out!

get at gutz' face book at http://facebook.com/gutzofficial


'milc & cookies' Podcast - Episode 6 - Nasif

After taking a short little break from the 'milc & cookies' podcast, we are back and this month we are featuring one of LA's upcoming bassmusic DJs who goes by Nasif. Nasif definitely delivers on episode 6 with a very deep bass heavy mix, featuring an array of tunes from the new and exclusive to the old and classic! Switching between CDs and Vinyl with nothing but smooth mixing and chilled out vibes, we are very proud to present the next episode! Definitely make sure to take a listen and make sure to check out some other mixes by Nasif at soundcloud.com/nasifsamhat

You can download the mix here on itunes, just subscribe and make sure to refresh the podcast!

You can also listen to the podcast directly in the podcasts link at the top of our blog!


[MILC031] Misshin - Future Unknown EP Sampler (Out Jan 19th!)

Misshin delivers their best to date on Future Unknown. From straight dub vibes on 'Buster Rasta', to the dark and deep on 'Bitter Cold'. The heavy dance floor banger 'Collapse' slaps your teeth out your mouth and 'Future Unknown' keeps you on your feet and then a slap in the face to the floor. The highly anticipated 'Future Unknown' will be out in one week from to day make sure to cop the next chapter of the milc saga on January 19th!



[MILC030] Itchy Robot - Deconstructed EP Sampler [Out Jan 5th!]

For the beginning of the new year we are kicking off releases with the OG Itchy Robot and his Deconstructed EP! Deconstructed offers a super dark and minimal approach to dubstep to compare of his earlier releases, and packs a huge punch on all sound systems! This EP has been a long time coming and we are super proud to present it at the start on 2015! Closer is a fast paced roller and pumps as if robots were jamming out in a drum circle! Extradition we think would've fit perfectly on the Dark Compilation we released last January, and has a serious atmosphere going on in the heavy misty vibes. Deconstructed is a straight heater, a little slowed in tempo, shrieking mid range and super deep basslines screech across the room, in and out, very technical production on this one, not to say the others lack, this EP is huge for only a 3 track release, but be sure every song on here is fire! Cop!

01 - Itchy Robot - Closer
02 - Itchy Robot - Extradition
03 - Itchy Robot - Deconstructed


milc Presents: The Bass Camp Mix Archive 2011-2012 by Gutz aka Mr F [Free DL]

As we promised, second in our archived mix line up, we are proud to present, Gutz' tribute to dubstep and bassmusic mixing: The 2011-2012 Bass Camp Mix Series! A series of 19 mixes highlighting the best of the times in the 2011-2012 dubstep music scene. Like in the DubBus series we gave away last week, this archive really covers all the bases as far as feels and vibes go. No. But really, Gutz really crafted each mix meticulously to make sure every tune was in key and every song's rhythm didn't interrupt the next in the mix, basically standard procedure that you don't quite get to hear these days, there are even a few vinyl mixes in the bunch. Anyway make sure to check out the 'Bass Camp' series in the free section! Peace and Merry Xmas!



milc Presents: The DubBus Mix Archive 2009-2010 by Gutz aka Mr F [Free DL]

If you are a true milc head, you will remember the 'DubBus' mix series by Gutz, known as Mr F at the time, which was a monthly mix thing done with a midi controller on a bus touring the USA. The series started in late 2009 and spanned all the way till late 2010. The name of the series was eventually named basscamp and was settled in LA in 2011. Anyway the first couple years of Gutz' DJ career are documented in both series and both 'DubBus' & 'Basscamp' really go through the sounds of the times! The folder includes over 1 day of music on 23 different mixes! Make sure to check the series out for free on milc.fm in the freetunes section!

or just download it directly here!


[MILC029] Gutz - Way Of The Samurai EP Sampler (Out Dec 22)

A couple of eastern jems from Gutz! Starting of with the HUGE collab tune 'Way Of The Samurai'! 'Way of the Samurai', is one of those tunes that gets everybody up off the wall while playin out! Wulf's brush of percussion perfection really makes the tune sound liek an instant classic! 'Guidance' is like taking an old caravan through the ancient snow forests of japan during a cold winter. Super sweet and chill vibes all through out, rockin on a broken rhythm that really keeps you on your toes! Closing the EP are the vocal and instrumental versions of 'Awake' an remake 808 version of Gutz' classic remix of Traumatik's 'Wake Up'! Hopefully you dig the different vibes on this EP, and hope you are ready for part II in a few months: 'Will of the Shogun'

01 - Gutz & Wulf - Way Of The Samurai
02 - Gutz - Guidance
03 - Gutz Feat Traumatik - Awake
04 - Gutz - Awake (Instrumental)


[FREEMILC004] milc Presents - T.O.M. EP Vol.1 (Free EP DL)

All of us 'hiphop headz' here at milc have been saving this free release as an early xmas present to all of our friends & supporters! From milc and all of the homies in Holland representing T.O.M. (The Original Moeimakers) we bring to you, the first of the T.O.M. Free EP series, featuring artists like Styn, Bertholet, Fona, Tovasu & KJ Lazy! They serve you a brilliant collage of hiphop beats inspired by the sounds of old jazz and 40s & 50s pop 45s make the T.O.M. EP stand out in the ever expanding sea of EDM. Hats off to the Holland crew for letting us bless our fans ears with classic and classy sound of underground instrumental hiphop, that reps our generation! Big up!

01 - Styn - Sleep Tight
02 - Tovasu - How It Go
03 - KJ Lazy - Now Where Were We
04 - Fona - Huh
05 - Tovasu - The Kings Child
06 - Bertholet - Hugz From The Honeys
07 - 'The Sampler Mix'


[MILC028] Indica - Dilation EP [Out Dec 9th]

milc is very proud to present Indica, straight from the Los Angeles underground! Indica is currently working directly with MASS LA and milc rocking the SO CAL scene and has been stirring up the bassmusic scene in the southern california area for the last couple of years. Rocking all vinyl sets and repping biweekly on milc's radio show on fokus.fm, we are super proud to present the rising star's debut ep: 'Dilation'.

Indica takes us on a journey through some very deep and bouncy grooves backed with that thick milcy bassline we all like! Most of the tracks are deeply influenced by dub and roots reggae, and are perfect for cooling things down during sets without losing that dance floor vibe. Definitely a release we have all been looking forward to show you all! Keep your eyes out for the Dilation EP on December 9th on your favorite digital music retailer!