(Video) Daddy Kev, Nosaj Thing, De La Soul, DJ Z-Trip & LL Cool J... Musical Paradise..

One of the most memorable live events of my life! First of all let me say Daddy Kev threw down a set with old school beats as well as his usual batch of hidden characters, absolutely killing it! Nosaj Thing backed up Kev with a garage-type 'VIP of most of his old songs' set which was fucking awesome I have to say perfect for the "mood" I was in. De La Soul are who really blew my mind, they're live set was one of the best hiphop performances I've seen (and I've seen my share). To top the night off DJ Z-Trip pulls LL Cool J out of his bag of tricks and does a straight old school LL Cool Set with LL Cool J on the mic. Truly mind blowing and worth the 30$ Here is some video :D Enjoy...

Daddy Kev destroying the early hours of the night with beats unknown

LL Cool J 's opening song "Rock The Bells performed with DJ Z-Trip

-Robert Muraine

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