Aenima's Artist Spotlight: Oceania

hey there kiddies

today i feel the need to share something that is very near and dear to my heart. as we all know dubstep has spanned into this unstoppable monster with thousands of definitions that can almost turn your brain into liquid if you try and classify all sounds in a certain song. this notion is not to be underestimated in the artist i am about to introduce to you. enter: Oceania. one nick kostelew out of zelenograd moscow. i just wikipediad zelenograd and found this:

"Zelenograd was one of the most powerful centers of electronics, microelectronics and computer industry in the Soviet Union, and it still plays a similar role in modern Russia. It was developed as a reflection of the California Silicon Valley and known also as Soviet/Russian Silicon Valley."

FUCKING RUSSIANS! well friends out of this motherboard utopia comes one of the fucking freshest sounds in dubstep right now period. this man i suppose can fall under the category of "deep" dubstep, however that notion is shattered by the muti genre spanning tracks all over this kids soundcloud. his tracks straight up transcend any and all dubstep categorizations and fall into an ethereal canvas of multi colored painted sounds and changes like the hues in the sky during passing seasons.

check out this track:
Oceania - Lose Your Senses by oceania
now what can i say about this small piece of lovely. the intro is a kaliedescope of beautiful sound thats akin to innocent childhood nostalgia. layers of sonic beauty lift you up with the sofest angel wings and promptly drop back to earth probably on a sweaty festival dancefloor somewhere in eastern europe with the drop on this track. its like future jungle. those pullsing basslines that wax and wane like paper planes. yet the soft xylophone esque high end pulls your mind into a soaring fixation. needless to say, this track is ahead of its time and kicks fucking ass.

now, lets just see how deep this rabbit hole goes:
Oceania - I Wanna Be Where U Are (free) by oceania

is that a fucking jackson 5 sample? my god yes. yes it is. so not only is this man a genius composer, but he fucking picked out one of the essential motown soul tracks that came from not only the jackson 5 but from the 70s in general (if you havent heard i wanna be where you are by the jackson 5 then im assuming you havent evolved into homo sapien yet) to rework into a dam groovy breakish dubstep track. and you see how the genres are just getting thrown all over the place like ike would toss tina? im sure after making this track mr oceania was also probably thinking "wheres my money?"

and then i leave you with this:
Oceania - Insane Citizen by oceania

so uh yeah. basically this master composer just told all you brostepper teeny boppers that have been on datsiks f1LthY nutsack to shut the fuck up, go home, jerk off to some snowboarding videos and stay the fuck off of his dancefloor while actual production fucks a hole in your speaker.

that being said. i think i like oceania. and if you havent heard, now you have. go buy his shit or die.