Open Circle Events & 'milc' Present: BASS OASIS - Aenima, SE7EN, R.Muraine, Foniks, Vaclav & Jimmy Q - Oct 1 2011

Im pretty excited about our event coming up on the 1st of October called BASS OASIS!

It will be featuring all the people I personally grew up DJing around in my hood!

Aenima aka Alex is one of my best friends since elementary school! SE7EN aka Steven has been a homie and a part of milc for almost 4 years now! Foniks aka Chad, has been my neighbor for about 3 years and we been DJing and producing together a lot lately! Vaclav is another homie that I recently met through a long time friend Bryan, Vac owns a label in my hood, and is a really dope cat that spins old and new underground electronic music. My Friend Jimmy Q was one of my first inspirations as a DJ and helped me put my setup together a couple years back, and has been a close friend of mine for years now!

Not only will you hear awesome music all night, but you personally will be able to pick up chains with fire on them and swing them around until you fall. You will engage in a series of epileptic seizures from another milc affiliated friend, Circuit5, who has lighting and projection put on the level of a predator disco. We have another friend Johnny, designing the interior of our giant warehouse with random safari items so you can ride the animals. As well as having SE7EN Arcenio V & Danielle Dawn Hitting up walls and canvases all around the area. Not to mention the whole Open Circle team, who is actually making this whole event possible!

This event will also have one of the first milc booths selling milc gear inside!

Last but not least, there will be special performances by: Synth-Thesis(circus), Mr Fantastic & his new popping Duo with Popping Kian!

Make sure you get your ass there on the first.

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