(Article) 'Dubstep, Grime & Beatbox' Added to Dictionary

""Dubstep has obviously had a huge rise in the last year and a half with the mainstream success of the likes of Magnetic Man and Katy B in the UK charts not to mention others like Bassnectar & Skrillex in the US. Dubstep has recently been added to the Oxford & Chambers dictionary and is defined as a "type of electronic popular dance music developed from drum and bass".

Also added into the chambers dictionary, "grime" - "a style of popular music combining elements of dance hall and hip hop".

The genres are among 200 new additions to the latest edition of the dictionary.

Another random term added has been the word "beatboxing", which is described as "Imitating an electronic drum machine using the voice".

Editor of the Chambers dictionary, says: "Chambers only includes words that are here to stay and these music styles have proved that they are.

"The way people create and consume music is also driving major changes in the way we speak."

All the information based off of an article I read on BBC.CO.UK

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