Extreme Futurist Festival - This Weekend! Last Time to See Circuit5 Visuals in 2011!

THIS IS YOUR DAILY REMINDER!!! Next FRIDAY and SATURDAY will be your last chance in 2011 to experience CIRCUIT 5 VISUALS - Especially Saturday - at the EXTREME FUTURIST FEST!

Featuring a visual collaboration between Circuit 5 (uh... "Me") and Black Iron Kisses (uh... "Sia") not to be missed! It's gonna be metaphysically heavy!

"Think of EFF as a chance to get savagely educated on our budding Trans-Humanist future and Rock Out to Amazing Music (With Savagely Incredible Visuals). Tickets run $40 but if you want to just show up for the dance party on Saturday or the Mansion Pool Party on Friday, then you can do that too and then it's cheaper :-)

Honestly, if you liked the comic "Transmetropolitain" [Point of fact, Rachel Haywire, the organizer, lusts to become a Foglet some day] and you also like to occasionally "move 'yo ass to music of quality" then this is MOST DEFINITELY the right way for you to spend your weekend.

The Mansion party is in Brentwood. Saturday is at the Courtyard Hotel in Marina Del Rey. So all you WEST-SIDERS have no excuse! And you already got in your Lunar Eclipse Parties, so really NO EXCUSES!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got mad work to do all week, on the theory that I could melt your optical pathways with what I've got to work with right now, but another 48 hours of hard manual labor (I.E. messing around in FCP and Modul8) and I should be able to sublimate your entire Right-Brain :-)

So I'll see you there. And remember. A melted Right-Brain is a happy Right-Brain. And if you inject it with Neuro-Pathway-Activating-Nanites then it tastes really spicy. Mmmmmmm..... Nanites....."

Circuit5 aka Jonathan Bernbaum

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