FOX News Gets Caught Lying by RT News

This is a screen shot from Fox News' website, and under it you will see RT point out how what they showed as Russia was actually Greece. The worst part about it is that fox news is watched among so many Americans. Shit like this makes me sick. Use the internet as your news source please. Start with RT, they actually cover American Issues better than any other station on the net IMO.

A little quote from the article:

"You may say ‘Hey, that looks Greek to me” – and you know what, you’ll be spot on. Greek it is – literally. And that sign? Says “National Bank of Greece” in those big, pretty, gold letters. FOX, it appears, isn’t satisfied with the REAL Russian rallies. They wanted a BANG! But there were no bangs, so I figure they thought “hey, it’s police running after people and fires and chaos – who on earth will be able to tell the difference?!” So they took videos from Athens, put a ‘’Russia” comment on screen – and voila, stick a fork in ‘em, they’re done. "

Read RT's Article on Fox New's Recent Blatant Lie with before and after footage, ITS GREAT! GOOD JOB RT


  1. horrible, fox needs to be taken down. lying to your fellow man is a crime against life and should not be making any money to support their abuse