Low End Theory Voted #1 Club from LA Weekly

After being a part of Low End Theory since it's humble beginnings close to 5 years ago, the club has advanced from being the super underground LA beat scene, to being to the ever popular #1 best club in LA "LOW END THEORY"! This is great for all the residents that have been working their asses off for the past years, working for full sold out crowds every Wednesday, dealing with the fucking cops, the fire department, and rounds and rounds of bad security groups. They have been a huge part of my life already, not only for the learning, networking and inspiration, but they also had given me the opportunity to play there twice, the first time being my DJ debut!! This place has always been open to promoting aspiring local talent and artists, in almost every genre of art, and I do have to say I'm very grateful to have lived around and been a part of such a place! I could easily say the same for all of my friends :]

Congrats to Low End Theory on your #1 Club in LA, achievement from LA Weekly! It should been awarded right when you guys opened your doors!

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