Short Movie Review: Arthur Christmas

So last night I went out with a bunch of my Taiwanese friends and saw Arthur Christmas, and was surprised by how fucking good it was. This movie isn't really your typical Christmas movie, first of all the CGI was pretty Exceptional and the 3D wasn't all overwhelming and smashing your brain throughout, it was actually quite subtle, eventhough the 3D glasses they had at this particular theater were almost as big as the Chameleon OG's.

The movie itself had your normal 'have to save Christmas' theme, but what made it awesome was honestly the futuristic ideas explaining how Santa and the elves are real. There was plenty of fresh content throughout the movie supporting that idea, which is a relief because the poster of the movie makes it seem like such a bland xmas movie at first!

I don't want to really give the movie a complete review (the simple story is pretty easy to give away) but if your in the mood for a movie and worried about what to see because of all the garbage that has been out lately, I would recommend Arthur Christmas. It's not unbelievably awesome, but it's def worth the movie ticket. Not to mention it definitely got me in the Holiday spirit being on tour and all away from the fam. 7/10

-Robert Muraine

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