Soda VS Marijuana


  1. This is silly, pot does contain carcinogens when it's burned. Even inhaling smoke from a wood fire isn't good for ones lungs and can harm the lungs if done repeatedly.
    It would be nice if there were annotations with foot notes documenting the evidence for both sides instead of just opinion if how one SHOULD think about soda and pot.

    Oh and cola syrup helps settle an upset stomach.

  2. You smoke from a volcano son, and carcinogens are eliminated. Plus this was posted as more of a funny diagram, than a serious scientific comparison. Alcohol is usually the obvious comparison, but it's too much of a win for weed. Anyways lighten up and smoke one, it will make you feel better than a coke will.

  3. Soda has lead to a lot more deaths and illness than weed for sure...