(Trailer/Review) Shigurui - Death Frenzy

So if your a Japanese Animation/Anime fan, or a fan of good material in general, I would strongly suggest buying or checking out this series called Shigurui - Death Frenzy. I bought it about a year ago, and it really actually changed my life (probably why I really enjoyed this series so much). Unlike most traditional anime, it completely takes out the cuteness & the lame obvious joke elements, and replaces them with actual life lessons and the true nature of how life was in Japan back in the Samurai times, without excluding any detail. It could get pretty depressing at times, but I think it's a great contrast to our lives today, because most cartoons could never really dig into me as deeply as this particular one did. I am also a huge fan of 'technique' (in general), and all of the fighting and swordplay involved must be actual real life techniques, because of how much sense these techniques make in actual physics. Not only is the content good and true, but the art is most beautiful I've seen in the genre, utilizing great music (mostly Mongolian derived music), great CGI (only used in clean & ways necessary) and also the time spent on the actual art work (as most anime will use the same shot many times in a series with little or no change whatsoever).

So as a whole the anime was ALMOST perfect. I only reason I say almost is because at the end of the series you would love to know what happens next. You must read the manga to finish the series. I thought the Animation was very nice, and to have seen the rest of it on a screen would've completed the feeling of the perfectly executed dark vibe it gave off. Not to say that finishing off a superb anime with a manga is VERY legitimate.

9.5/10 (that -.5 is only leaving room for the future)

-Robert Muraine

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