Travel is Over, milc Posting Will Now Continue!

I Robert, will usually be the one posting most of the content on the site, so if ever there is a two day gap of no content on milc, it's usually because I'm traveling (as I am on tour!) So please bare with us!

I just arrived in Frankfurt last night after a 14 hour trip from Taipei to Hong Kong, Hong Kong to Frankfurt. Met with my European manager and then drove with him, his assistant, & his son to Dortmund, Germany (2 hour drive). Arrived at the beautiful hotel last night, ate some amazing local take out Indian Food, then crashed! The weather here is super dry and snowy, the absolute opposite of Taipei! Flic Flac Circus dress rehearsal is in about an hour.

Anyways, the point is that for the past 3 days there has been a lack of content on the site, and we will get back to posting asap!

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