Wikipedia will go on Strike against the 'Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)

I hope there is a vote on this, because if somebody decides for me what I can and can't use on the internet, I'm seriously going to move to another country that will allow me to read and watch whatever I want, whenever I want. Here is a little excerpt from the Full Article on RT News.

"Wikipedia may temporarily blank out its pages in self-sacrifice to draw attention to the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act. Remember how we all used to read the actual hardcover encyclopedias? Get ready to flip through the pages once again.

The US lawmakers behind the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) say it would deal a blow to online pirates and producers of counterfeit brand products like designer fashion items or medicines.

However, not everyone supports this notion. Wikipedia is the latest to join internet industry giants in the fight to stop the bill from being pushed through the Senate."

I use wikipedia all the time, this strike alone infuriates me, let alone the whole act, they are taking away more and more of our freedoms everyday it seems like. Please start being aware of these things, and let others know what is happening in this "free" country we live in.

-Robert Muraine

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