New Artwork by Dave Chen for the upcoming milc release 'Khan'

Khan the first single being released under milc, and it's in it's final stages into getting on itunes, digital-tunes.net, & amazon.com for free! All these upcoming singles will ultimately lead to being the first 'milc sampler album' which will be released at the end of the year, with a few extra tracks not released on the singles and EPs. Hope you guys enjoy the previews below! The tracks were created by Robert Muraine & Wulf.

All the artwork on the forthcoming tracks will be done by Dave Chen, a brilliant artist and friend from Los Angeles. Check his stuff out at maintailor.tumblr.com/

You can check out Robert Muraine's soundcloud by clicking on one of the links under the previews below.

You can also check out Wulf's Soundcloud at soundcloud.com/wulf-dubstep

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