A Very Circuit 5 New Years

Some of you may not really know Circuit 5 just yet. He's the resident milc "VJ" or "Video Projections Specialist" or "Trip Doctor" or "Professional Brain Melter" DDS, BA, MFA, PHD, WMD, esquire.

Well, Mr. 5 would like you to know how we spent this past News Years Eve... but he can't because it was so cool that all details are top secret because... we was up to some shit. Specifically, we was up to some really GOOD shit in a really weird spot that 5'd tell you all about but it's classified.

But I got video.

So check this shit out, and get another reason or 5 why the next time you hear about a MILC PARTY, you RUN THE FUCK IN IT'S GENERAL DIRECTION. Clear?

P.S. That's a 50' high water tank covered in weird-ass graffiti that 5 was projecting on. If you look close, you can see there is a ladder built into it. Tore-Up-Motherfuckers were climbing up and down that fucker all night. Didn't see anyone fall. But I think the dude who lives in the tank ate someone...

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