(Article) Ron Paul Could Be The Maine Caucus Winner

"With only 84 percent of the votes tallied in Maine, Romney was declared the victor with 39 percent of the votes favoring the former Massachusetts governor. In second place, however, was Texas Congressman Ron Paul, who only fell flat of Romney by fewer than 200 votes. The Paul campaign had predicted a win in Washington County, and when voters are finally allowed to voice their opinion, the mainstream media may have to retract their earlier opinion."

So it turns out the mainstream media jumped the gun and announced that Mitt Romney won the Maine Caucus without all the votes being counted in. Supposedly they left out all the votes of an entire county in Maine, because of some weather related issues (aka some bullshit).

I am a strong supporter Ron Paul and his agenda. He's obviously the only candidate running for president with an actual brain, unlike all these suits trying to make their already deep pockets, even deeper.

Vote Ron Paul, and we might actually see a more peaceful future, not only in the USA but also on our real home, the planet earth.

Read The Full RT Article Here

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