(Free DL) Robert Muraine - Bass Camp 01-2012a

Here is the first Bass Camp to start off the new year. Expect to hear a little bit of everything dubstep in this mix! A moombahton mix will be the bside this month, I'll put it up on my soundcloud tomorrow on private, so make sure your following me if you want that mix early! For February I'll be doing another vinyl mix, hope you guys enjoy!

Biome - Propaganda
Rob Sparx, Shakles - Cold Blooded
Rob Sparx & John Maverick - Windscreen Sniper VIP
Rob Sparx - War Pig
Bar 9 - Murda Sound
Bar 9 - Motion
Distance - Drawn
Benga - Smack Your Bitch Up
Benga - Acid Lie
Benga - Faithless
Benga - Little Bits
Skream - Gritty
Skream - Field Of Emotion
Author & Ed Thomas - Turn
Rob Sparx - Try To Remember
Plan B - Prayin' - (Breakage's Bad Week Remix)
Breakage - Higher
Jaybird - Work Dat Box
Hindzy D - Laser Treatment
50 Carrot - Liquid Acid
The Strangers - Yoshimitsu
The Strangers - Yoshimitsu (Vylex Remix)
SPL & Crushington - Mothra

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