'My Dream Last Night' by Robert Muraine's Brain

I went to the rusty pelican (a restaurant near my house), and some white security guy was being an asshole for some reason, so rode my bike to my grandmother's house, chilled out side with my homies, Rome and Tarra who are basically neighbors to me. Then I find myself riding my bike to and near the library in town with some random Indian kids. They lit some plant that looked like a tumble weed on fire, it started crackling very loudly like fire crackers. After that we rode away on our bike to avoid the cops, I easily slip pass one, but then the cop called out to me right after I already passed him, he said, "Are you racist?" I said, "No". He then said, "Come here". I sat on the lunch table at St. Dominic's Elementary School (across the street from the library). He took my blood pressure to see if I was high, and said, "You are high". I sat at the lunch table with a bunch of cops trying to talk my way out of it as they interrogated me. I started to flirt with the lady cop sitting next to me, I was really trying to talk my way out of this situation. Then finally the main cop said, "no, your going to North Ridge with us" (I dunno why North Ridge, realistically I think my brain meant to tell me "downtown". Anyways, I pulled out my weed license. They couldn't do anything. Then woke up.

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