Epic day on the bicycle.

So, i decided to cycle to downtown LA today. I get down to the zone where there's mad hectic stuff going on all over in the middle of the day, i run into a shit ton of protesters in front of the LA city hall, For weed legalization.. haha, Then I hear a black dude spitting ryhmes on the loud air horn. There's all these people dressed up in these weed outfits and shit. Weed super heros. lol Then i come closer, B-Real from cypress hill is there. AND, Chong from the Cheech n Chong is there. !! lol They were saying speeches and and talking about why marijuana should be legalized, and were givin away tickets to their Smoke out Tour this Sat. HAHA WTFCUK!!! I was fucking dieing watching this historical moment happen. and I ended up marching with them to the federal building down the street, With a J lit that i brought with me. While everybody else was already lit. HAHA. it was fukin epic.! Hahahaa..


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