milc presents: 'ugly'

Whats up world! Sorry there hasn't been many posts lately,
but it has all been for a reason, milc has been up to some serious business lately,
and it's about time to announce what we've been working so hard
on for the past few months. We are very pleased to finally announce that milc is about to release
it's first Dubstep LP entitled 'ugly'!! This compilation will feature over 20 high quality tracks by world class dubstep artists such as Megalodon, DJ SnipaZ, Badklaat, Kinzy, Brownz and many others!
It's promised that the release will live up to it's name!
Expect a July release on all major digital retailers!

Official Tracklist:

Doomtrooper - Gypsy Curse
Fletcha - Subterranean
Kinzy - Visualization
Kinzy - Pipe Music
Megalodon - Pull Up
Kahlil - Serious One
Mr. Levi - Flexin
Murdok - Undead
DJ Snipaz & The SK - Nuke Riddim
DJ Snipaz & The SK - Scala
Bosh - Sanka the Fisherman
Sinkro Dan- Duppy Riddim
Atom Bass - Squeak Monkey
Pillijah - The Good Ol Days
Hazy - The Wormhole
Wulf - Dumbo Riddim
Malleus - Kill Em
Badklaat - Bumbaklaat
Badklaat - Blud
Brownz - Shotgun
Hanns - 1-2-2
Vylex - Kung Fu
Suplex - Ectomorph
GoldR - 40oz Cobra

50 Carrot & J.K.L. - Sound Bwoi!