Last night was fucking crazy . ok so after this little party, i got no feds cause spent it all on 40s. my ride left because a gool ol friend of mine told him it was cool . (but was it really cool?) and im stuck. anyways, i decide to take a long walk home.a LONNNNGGG walk home. so im walking home, maybe 20 mins later, i tell myself my legs need a rest, and i lay down on a bench. about 5 mins later, i hear 3, or maybe even 4 coyotes run RIGHT pass me. they were running pretty fast , i must say. they were barking all crazy loud making all sorts of noise. anyways, something told me to get up and start walking. 4 in the morning and i am not even a quarter into my trip. im walking until i pass this guy, maybe in his 30s? 40s?, sweeping the sidewalk and he says "hey hows it goin?" . i tell him "i just have a long walk home. i gotta make it to eagle rock" . thats when he said "oh.. well. i think i can take you to eagle rock.." :D !!!! this guy even gave me a gatorade haha. so hes taking me home and he asks me "did you see the coyotes?" im like "yeah they scared the fucking shit out of me" . he told me how it was rare that they're running around in the streets.. so we get to the pad, i run inside, grab 10 bucks, run out and give it to him. give him all my thanks and i asked for his name and number because those 10 bucks couldn't come close to returning the favor, and i WILL return the favor. i texted him saying thank you one last time. he texted me back with this:

"your welcome. your sincerity is inspiring. uplifting. the opportunity to see you get back home tonight may be what i really needed right now as much as, or maybe even more, than you needed the ride.only the coyotes know for sure. and they never give the answers - but they can point the way"

isnt it crazy? isnt it fucking crazy? nothing but positive energy being traded!

-romeo jude

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