Gutz Bars 1

Structures so soulless, 
Walls built to show less,
Evolution a success?
Success is to progress.

progress seems hopeless, 
Children in poverty show this,
Illuminati don't expose this,
They sniff it up their noses.

The things I've seen, boundless,
The Places I've been, countless,
Some People I've met, scandalous,
And still don't know how to handle this.  

They take our rights and brand us,
Shake our hands then stab us,
Feed us lies, then watch us cry,
While we wonder why they tax us.

don't know how to fight,
my skin colors white,
I'm a dancer by night, 
Hell I don't even write,
another date on Skype tonight,
What is Dinner by candlelight?
I'm not sad, my eyes are tired.
Wax keeps my wick burning, fire.

I spin on 4 decks,
I'm a sucker for sex,
I keep the girls wet,
And don't even sweat,
Don't judge haven't met,
I don't play like you expect,
The only ones that wept,
Were the ones I regret.

There's shit to be said,
many innocent are dead,
I take another hit,
Stay out of my head.

I can't go to bed,
Fuck taking meds,
Water full of lead,
 Yeast full of bread.

I don't go out i stay home,
attention goes to the skills I hone,
I don't just break hearts I break bones,
While staying completely original.

Never wrote a lyric, 
you don't want to hear it,
Posted up to get torn down,
People don't know how to read yet.

I didn't do well in school,
Didn't do what I was supposed to,
Definitely not cool,
I still sleep while I drool,

But hear me I'm no fool,
I know how to keep my cool,
I Fill up the glass chamber 
Deeply inhale then pull,

Blow out the bad,
take in the good,
Its an old method that we should all use.
The only excuse?
Just don't abuse.
Or you'll be accused,
Of improper misuse.


  1. My first comment and the lyrics is so cool
    You are the BEST
    I am a crazy Huge fan of yours

    Bijendra Shrestha !!!

  2. Wow, you're first? Too cool!

    This is actually pretty good, considering you've never done it before. Well done.

  3. robert muraineJuly 25, 2012 5:04 AM

    too funny mr president ahahhaha, but thank you, ill proabbly write much more with this feedbak: D