milc presents: 'AD - HIPHOP HEADZ LP' w/ exclusive interview from AD + the full tracklist!

milc is about to start it's next set of releases with AD's Hiphop Headz LP (MILC011) due in stores on September 30th 2013! This LP is packed with 9 fat riddim tunes!! 4 of the tunes are hiphop inspired originals by AD himself, along with 4 other collab tunes and of course a remix by the milc CEO, Gutz! Each of the collabs on the LP have been created with different members of AD's crew, the 'Monsters'. See the tracklist below!

AD - Hiphop Headz
AD - Crip Walk
AD - Blood Walk
AD - Evil Corpz
AD, Trom, Subfiltronik - Ill Vibe 2013
AD & Styn - The Undead
AD & Curzed - Drunk Robot
AD & Akira - Saw
AD - Hiphop Headz (Gutz Remix)

AD has also taken time to answer a few questions for milc with an in depth milc interview about the upcoming album and his history on producing and his achievements in the dubstep scene. Read the interview below!


What does your alias stand for, or why did you choose AD?

AD is short for my real name, Adam, when i was growing up everyone called me AD, so i figured I'd keep up tradition.

What is your real name and where are you from?

My name is Adam Sellick, I'm originally from Battersea and Wandsworth in south west London, but for the last 8 years or so I've been living in West Croydon.

When did you start to DJ and what made you want to pick it up?

I started to mix on Vinyl at around 12 years old until 15, mixing UK Garage, Jungle, Drum'n'Bass and Grime, There was a record store open right near where I lived in Wandsworth, I used to be in there everyday, it was a huge inspitation for me, I got back into mixing about 3 years ago, this time using CDJ's, and this time, dubstep was my weapon of choice.

When did you start producing and what genres, artists or inspirations have inspired you to start producing?

I started producing 2 and half years ago, the main genres I loved at the time were Hip Hop and of course Dubstep, I never thought I would get into producing, it all seemed far to complicated when I'd see people doing it, But then Curzed (monsters) pushed me forward and started to teach me Reason 5, and it was love at first sight with the program.

Did you ever play any instruments or have some kind of musical influence in your family when you were a child?

I played the guitar briefly when i was a lot younger, it was never for me though, even at the time then i was in love with electronic music and knew I wanted to DJ, My dad knows how to play the guitar, but no one in my family shares the same music interest as me.

How do you describe your music and what are some of the main influences or sounds that we can recognize in your tunes that differ from others?

I'd say my sound was very hip hop influenced, I love using pads and rhodes ect, of course there is the whole other side where i make tearout monster tracks, it's the style i'd always mix so i love it, but even in the tearout, i feel u can get a glimpse on the hip hop influence in the drums.

What platform do you use to make music ex. DAW? Plug Ins? Hardware? Software? etc. Please be specific.

I use reason 5, i enjoy making my synths on all reason has to offer, Subtractor, Thor, Malstrom ect depending on the mood.

Everybody seems to love the crisp quality of your drums and the pads you have in your tunes. Do you have any recommendations or advice for upcoming producers on how to help shape their sounds, or where to look for good drum samples?

I always make my own drums, i never use loops or anything like that, i like to add some swing always to the beat and with the pads, I use one shot hits, and play them in on a novation keyboard, it comes naturally and anyone who really appreciates it can do it for sure. As far as samples go, I've always been a fan of the infamous "vengeance" packs for my drums.

What are some of the upcoming projects you've got going?

I'm getting an album together which will be a mix of the tearout and more chilled stuff, really showing both sides of my music, it will be out later this year, also I'm always keeping busy with monsters and collabing often inside the team, I literally make music everyday so expect to hear a lot more tracks. I'm also going to start making smooth instrumental Hip Hop, and also have one or two vocalists I'm getting ready to work with.

Can you tell us a little bit about the upcoming milc EP you have coming out this summer called 'HipHop Headz'?

Well there will be 8 tracks on there, all with some sort of hip hop vibe in them, a few of the tracks on there will be "crip walk" and "blood walk" both very hip hop influenced.

We know you are part of the Monsters, how did that get started, and where you involved in any other crews or labels before?

Monsters got started one day randomly in my bedroom with Shiverz and Curzed, we came up with the idea after doing radio one day and stuck with it from there, we really wanted to push forward that underground aggy sound that was emerging, we always played under rated artists tracks and wanted to help them and the sound as a whole. I also created a team with Vylex, Hazy and Soulsearcher before monsters was created called "Sirkit". As far as lables go, most recognised would be "Kraken recordings" where i released my "a Little Sun EP" and also "LM recordings" called "Violation Ep"

Who are your top 5 DJs?

My top 5 dj's would be Shiverz, Jacko, Obey, Curzed and DJ EZ.

Who are your top 5 favorite producers?

Subfiltronik, Curzed, Akira, Kromestar and Silkie.

If you had to choose any rapper in the world to write bars for one of your tracks who it would it be?

That's a ver hard question, I'd have to answer with a choice from the Uk and USA, my UK choice would be "Frisco" and american rapper "Styles P"

Who do you think is the most underrated producer, and deserves some more spotlight?

I've been really impressed with lots of producers recently, but most impressive is a young guy named "minzo" from Holland, look out for him!

Is there any type of quick advice you would like to give to upcoming DJs?

Stick to it and don't ever give up, people appreciate hard work, dedication and most importantly, passion.

Is there any type of quick advice you would like to give to upcoming producers?

I'd give the exact same advice as i gave to DJ's.

Anything you would like to add in general that we may not have covered?

would just like to give a huge shoutout to all the fans and everyone making it possible for monsters and myself to grow, We all appreciate it more than you could all know! biggest shoutout to all my Monsters family and all my friends! Expect a lot more to come from us!

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