[MILC020] Joedan & Styn - Gutter EP + 2 Free Tunes !

After a short break between releases, milc is back with a multi-chart topping release: Joedan & Styn's 'Gutter EP' [MILC020]. The EP definitely lives up to it's name, 5 straight skanky-gully type riddim's by some of the finest in the genre!Not to mention one of milc's most anticipated releases of the year!

'Devious Horns' (my personal favorite from the EP) is off the hook! It bears that classic dubstep 'I don't mind hearing this in 10 years' vibe to it, the catchy horn riff in the intro leading straight into that 'hard to explain ''clean & dirty'' at the same time' type drop that makes the masses move! The same kind of vibe carries on throughout the EP, making it one of our more groovy and dancey EP's on the label. The release has already been in the top 10 bestselling dubstep charts on http://digital-tunes.net, and the top 100 on both http://beatport.com & http://junodownload.com ! You can pick up the EP now on most digital music outlets!

We are also giving away 2 tunes that were to be on the Gutter EP originally, but we decided that it was best to give something back to you all for supporting our label and artists since the beginning! So here is 'Mickey Moouse' & 'Flatwood's Monster' on our [FREEMILC002] EP that you can download here. Enjoy and thanks again for all of the support!

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