'milc & cookies' Podcast - Episode 6 - Nasif

After taking a short little break from the 'milc & cookies' podcast, we are back and this month we are featuring one of LA's upcoming bassmusic DJs who goes by Nasif. Nasif definitely delivers on episode 6 with a very deep bass heavy mix, featuring an array of tunes from the new and exclusive to the old and classic! Switching between CDs and Vinyl with nothing but smooth mixing and chilled out vibes, we are very proud to present the next episode! Definitely make sure to take a listen and make sure to check out some other mixes by Nasif at soundcloud.com/nasifsamhat

You can download the mix here on itunes, just subscribe and make sure to refresh the podcast!

You can also listen to the podcast directly in the podcasts link at the top of our blog!

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