[MILC039] Machina - Cerebral Cortex EP (Out April 11th)

How would a label possibly be able to follow up a release like Megalodon's Zombie Rot single without dropping the ball? After going through loads of dubs the only EP that could fit the bill was the Machina release called Cerebral Cortex. I look at Cerebral Cortex as an updated tribute to Styn & Jordan's Gutter ep, because it is just that, GUTTER as fuck! The sound that Machina has been bringing for the past couple of years has really lifted the bar in the dance floor dubstep genre, countless DJs have been rinsing practically the whole EP for a few months now. Bioweapon, is already a warehouse rave anthem, played by the likes of Gutz, SkintDisco and many others! Variation Drone has been on the back burner and is one to whip out when you need to recharge the energy in the dance, guaranteed mosh pit material. Cerebral Cortex & Russian Roulette are absolute bangers and are so fun to chop on the real. This EP is a must have milc release and will definitely do its job at the rave, bangers on top of bangers. You can expect to see MILC039 as a beatport exclusive from March 21st to April 7th world wide just after!

1 comment:

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