America is failing, the people need to take the power back!

Do not watch American news. It is 100% legal for news corporations to blatantly lie to its people! USE the internet as your news source, people need to be aware that this debt ceiling was the last "Jenga" block to letting our nation fall apart!! We are already passed the point to where one individual can save an entire country. The only way to save it is to care about where you live and to be informed. Would you let your house burn, if you knew how to put out the fire? If you are an American and care about your kids future, and your grandparents retirement than please be informed and inform others about the truth! Not caring will only lead to further unemployment, tax increases and poverty in America! Tell your friends & let people know what is going on right under our noses. Banks and government leaders are pocketing our this last final debt, so that way when America DOES finally fall apart, it's leaders & CEOs will be the only ones that have money to buy an escape plan. I smell a revolution very soon. Don't let violence, cheating & stealing be the answer, let it be knowledge and awareness, lets overcome these idiots in rule, and change this fascist country back to a democracy, the peoples country! We can start with our own education through the internet.


  1. this is a great vid. shows the deception we all live and allow. wake everyone up. but really we will fall before we can wake and that fall is going to be way worse than the last one we had eighty years ago. the great depression. yeah well now there are more people than eighty years ago and more debt so this next depression will last longer than the last one did which was like ten years i think. shit this one will last forever. well gots to face the consequence of supporting a system that allows inequality. thanks for sharing robert i have the same video on my wall.

  2. no problem man, thanks for posting it, it inspired the shit out of me and others, thats what is great about the net, the network one can reach out to is so huge if you attract the right people to it.