Mr Fantastic's Most Influential Poppers List

Here are some links to videos that I think are important to show the variety in what popping can become. The people in this list have been inspiration to poppers all over the world. I hope you all look at these videos as not what you want to be as poppers, but instead as inspiration of what you guys can become as individuals in popping. There are so many styles in this umbrella term of poppinf & all of them are great in their own ways! Choose what you want to do with these styles & foundations, use them to help develop your own style! Remember be on beat always and to learn your foundations and history before you start trying to learn!


David "Elsewhere"

Elsewhere was one of the first to take popping in a very new and inspirational direction, using his own inspiration from animals & film and projecting his interpretation of those through his dance. Isolation, roboting and waving were his strong points and inspired many in the early 2000's to become poppers, like myself. His original style is what stood out, and I give him much credit as to what popping has become today. Many critics will say that elsewhere's dance is not considered popping, but I on the other hand believe that the popping techniques he had applied to his own dance, were far more superior than any poppers around at the time. He is now a successful web designer and travels the world showcasing his abilities in commercials, movies and various international ads.


Marie "Pandora"

Pandora, recognized as the best female popper in the world and known for her precise and innovative tutting, has been a part of the underground popping scene for over 10 years and is a huge success as an all around popper. She is currently traveling the world judging, showcasing, battling, and has also been a part of the movie Step Up 3D and has been recently inducted into the LXD.


"Madd Chadd"

One of the best roboters that have ever lived has been a true master of roboting, ticking, dime stopping and isolation! Much of his style and technique derived from OG Boppin Andre has got him to places such as performing on the Oscars as well as to being a lead dancer on Step Up 3D not to mention a modeling career!


"Poppin Todd"

Also a student of Boppin Andre and former roommate of Madd Chadd, Poppin Todd is a huge inspiration to me and has been teaching popping to many poppers all over the united states. Todd uses all the styles & techniques that popping has to date and is one of the most dedicated and sick poppers I know! Today he travels to better himself and his popping, teaching and influencing others from the underground scenes of LA to the politically frenzied competitions and battles we have all over the states. He is part of Soul Botics Crew and smashes the competition in any battle he enters.


OG "Boppin Andre"

Boppin Andre, one of the creators of the bopping style and one of the greatest OG poppers of all time! He creates a different make believe environment around him every time he goes into a cypher, projecting situations that all people face in day to day life, creating a connection with all people, dancer or not. A very technical, hard hitting popper that you must see in person, to feel the true effect of the presence in his dance.


Poppin Pete

Poppin Pete, one of the original members of the world famous "Electric Boogaloos" and younger brother of the founder of the style called "Boogaloo", Boogaloo Sam, is considered to be one of the most influential poppers of the 90's and today. He has been traveling the world for years, showcasing, judging, battling, teaching and sharing his history with poppers and dancers all over the world. He and the "Electric Boogaloos" must have introduced popping to more people around the world than any other popper of his time.



One of the best and most creative poppers I have ever learned from, OG Wave-O-Matic is still building the evolution of popping and waving with his innovative ideas and techniques to this day. He has been the inspiration of many poppers including myself in the greater Los Angeles area and also does private lessons through Skype to novice poppers, gives advice to anybody that seeks it on not to mention is dedicated to helping poppers every Monday at Homeland, in Long Beach, CA (the place to be in the US for popping). Wave-O-Matic not to mention is a music producer for "The Shape Shifters" and is also a very talented director and editor, not to mention a college professor. He has been huge a influence on myself, Elsewhere, Skywalker, and some of the best wavers that ever lived.


"Boogie Frantick"

Boogie Frantick, my FAVORITE popper of the present day, is a master of ticking, hitting, waving, roboting, animating, glides and pretty much all the styles of popping. He is the closest in my opinion to what being the full package of popping is. See for yourself.


"Slim Boogie"

Slim Boogie is also a great inspiration to me, being around my age, we kind of came up as popping acquaintances in the club scene in local circles and cyphers, now he is traveling the world as an all around great popper! He had a strong boogaloo influence & foundation when he began his journey as a popper now joins his style with all the other styles of popping and has become one of the most feared battlers in the states! He at one time was the hardest hitting "boogalooer" I had ever seen, now he's up there with the hardest hitting poppers of all time! I wish him much luck on his long journey as a professional popper!



J Smooth I believe has more 1st place American popping titles than anybody I know. He has been invited to participate in huge world competitions such as Juste Debout & How The West Was Won and has seen, battled and beat some of the worlds best poppers. He has just recently debuted in Step Up 3d and is now a part of LXD. He is also disputed as one of the best finger tutters ever known!



Salah, from France, has been an inspiration to me not only as a popper but as a B-Boy as well. At a point in my early years of dancing, a B-Boy was something that I was aspiring to become. Around this time Salah's crew, "Vagabond Crew" had been part of the ever influential "Battle Of The Year" (BOTY) world finals. In both styles of dance, popping and breaking, Salah had showed something that most street dancers lacked at the time, and that was character. After his long streak with Vagabond Crew winning events, he had gone solo, and started focusing on the next part of his dance career, popping. With his very innovative style, and at sometimes hilarious tricks he has won over that hearts of many people that are dancers and many of those that dont dance at all. He has perfected his style popping, in which is heavily influenced by clowning, miming and circus to an art in itself. Salah is now one of the most recognized popper, bboy & locker in the world!



Tetris has no videos up that arent more than 5 years old, but he is honestly the best and most influential tutter that the world has NEVER seen, make sure you do your research on tetris. You can catch him on occasion at Homeland in Long Beach, CA. He is a very humble cat and is willing to help any dancer with advice and critiques! I wish there was more footage of him dancing so people can see what level tutting has gone to. He is actually the one that owns and runs the biggest popping website on the net: http://westcoastpoppin.com.


OG "Jeckle"

Last and not least, the most influential popper in my personal popping life, OG Jeckle. Also a mentor of almost everybody in this list, that wasn't an OG, has inspired so many hearts and poppers from all over Los Angeles and still deserves much more credit than he gets, he is one of the only OG's that is still hitting as hard as he did when he was a kid, still able to keep up with the evolution of all these great dancers at his age. This man truly lives and breathes dance. He and his twin brother as youth, were considered one of the best duos around in Los Angeles and were known as Heckle & Jeckle. In his early years of popping he had modeled for Calvin Klein and even been in music videos with 80's pop sensations such as the "Gap Band". You can even see him now in Kilo's "Lean Like A Cholo" Music Video. Jeckle has just givin life to a beautiful daughter and is starting the next part of his life, not only as a family man, but a as a dance teacher at a local Los Angeles middle school as well.
There is not much footage of Jeckle but here is a video of him a couple years ago, talking about the lost history of popping.

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