Video Game Publishers "Out of Business" Due to Rise in 'Bedroom Developers"!

Now is a time of incredible opportunity for graduates entering the video game genre!

With rising "Bedroom Game Developers" video games have been easier to produce and actually bring to the market without having to use big 3rd party developers and publishers. This is a huge breakthrough & downfall to the current video game industry and is something we can compare to the big fall of major music record labels and rise of smaller digital music labels in the early and mid 2000s. Martyn Hunter, a UK game developer & interviewee of BBC News said, "'Casual Games' for mobile platforms, Facebook and social networks are the way forward. They require a lower budget and give a lot more creative freedom - which gives birth to such amazing new games. It's very inspiring and very exciting to be able to have the technology in your bedroom where you can sit down with a couple of friends and build something new, you can post it online. You don't need a publisher and you don't need any funding."

With the internet and it's unlimited information at our fingertips, people have been literally learning the ins and outs to virtually every industry, and putting back the power to the artists and people. Support your local game developers, musicians and artists!

-Robert Muraine

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