PODCAST UPDATE! 'milc & cookies' - Episode 5 - Stepn

We are happy to announce our 5th installation of the 'milc & cookies' podcast with Stepn representing milc! This is our first podcast featuring an all vinyl set, so that alone says enough about the man Stepn! As part of the official milc DJ lineup and just an over all great DJ and good guy, Stepn delivers a tasteful selection of songs and moods, clean transitions, definitely keeps the listener interested throughout his whole set without having any distractions whatsoever, that most 'vinyl DJs' can't seem to get down. The styles of the mix range from roots reggae & dub then contrasting with that dark medi vibe that has been shaking the LA bass scene for lately. Make sure to take a listen to the podcast in the Podcast section above and check out Stepn at https://www.facebook.com/djstepn and https://soundcloud.com/djstepn

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