[MILC021] 'Evo - Get Up' & 'Evo - Get Up (Gutz Remix)' (Out June 30th!)

The latest addition to the milc collection, the Get Up single by Evo! Evo is a 21 year old, Southern California based producer who has had his tunes sitting on the back burner with milc since day one! Get Up literally was going to be on the Ugly compilation but we felt it was a little ahead of it's time and sat on it. 2 years later I (Gutz) banged out a remix having forgotten about these golden stems, and decided to slap it on the roster just a few weeks ago! The team agreed at the milc headquarters (facebookchat) that it was solid enough to release and voila! Evo also has a forthcoming tune coming out on the 'milc DUBS' compilation that has some serious herbman vibes with flutes and shit, got it going on! Make sure to keep up with Evo and cop the Get Up single on Monday the 30th on June!

Artwork by none other than the world famous Monsta!

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