[MILC022] Gutz - Big As Fuck EP Sampler (OUT JULY 14TH)

In the 22nd edition of the milc collection we present Gutz' second solo EP 'Big As Fuck', this time bringing 4 solo cuts that bring out his more aggressive side. You can expect the same degree of raw edgy sound as in the 'Love Story' EP but this time in a seriously heavy old school dubstep format. Gutz really takes things to the extreme opening up with 'This' as in reference to the short worded comments given out by amateurs on soundcloud, pointing out parts of the song they like before they cut the tune. Gutz made 4 individual sets of 36 bars completely different than one another in this beast of a tune switching up rhythms and styles to keep the average dubstep listener on their feet. 'Stompa' does just that, basically designed to stomp the face of the listener into a pulp and then reversing one back into a off beat drunk 2step shuffle, the perfect tune to mix into 'This'. 'Gorilla Dub' takes us back to that same 2step riddim layout with a monstrous gorilla bass growling back and forth through the tribal vibes, leveling things out back to the normal swing of things. Last and not least is the ugly fat bitch for all the kids...'Kidz' the grown ups take on the riddim genre, breaking all the rules and frequencies this tune does some serious damage to ones set, expect screw faces on the dance floor, and also forthcoming Wulf Remix and Gutz VIP on July 28th of the 'Kidz'.

01 - Gutz - This
02 - Gutz - Stompa
03 - Gutz - Gorilla Dub
04 - Gutz - Kidz

Make sure to pick up 'Big As Fuck' July 14th and the 'Kidz Remixes' on July 28th on all major digital retailers!

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