[FREEMILC003] Gutz - Without You EP (FREE DL JULY 7TH)

The 'Without You' EP was supposed to be in rotation this year on the normal milc lineup as MILC027, but due to it's style not meshing well with the other releases coming out this summer, we decided to give it out for free promotion for Gutz' forthcoming 'Big As Fuck' EP which will be out in stores July 14th! We will be giving away this 7 track EP in July 7th at http://free.milc.fm so stay posted for then!

The 'Without You' EP basically sums up Gutz' 2012-2013 experimentation into chopping breaks and synthesizing that phat old school reece sound on top of em. The EP opens up strong with one of the general favorites of the compilation: 'Reeces Pieces', a 140bpm take on reece driven jungle. Gutz takes bit's and pieces of different reece elements and has them take punches at each other through out the length of the tune. 'Jungle Riddim' follows up with a very unusual mix of a very synthy riddim bassline over a 140bpm jungle break, very effective dance floor business, both tracks 1 & 2! Without wasting anytime Gutz dips right into some old UK funky garage biz with 'Shuffle Up' followed up by the summer beach rave inspired tune: 'Without You', which will have 2 surprise remixes coming out along with the 'Kidz Remixes' EP on July 28th; be sure to look out for the unannounced early release of that 'Without You Remixes' EP, the Remixes will be by Kahlil & Wabble, not to miss, for real. To close up we threw on a similar style tune to 'Without You' which is basically a Gutz bootleg remix of Mousse T's 'Horny'. 'TS-91' takes things down a technical road with exploration into some interesting polyrhythms and harmonies, opening up for last but not least, a collab dnb tune featuring Saxadelic called 'Distance', chilling out things to finish up that roach on!

So remember this release will be out for free on July 7th on http://free.milc.fm be sure to check back!

01 - Gutz - Reeces Pieces 02 - Gutz - Jungle Riddim 03 - Gutz - TS-91 04 - Gutz - Shuffle Up 05 - Gutz - Without You 06 - Mousse T - Horny (Gutz Remix) 07 - Gutz Feat Saxadelic - Distance

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