[FREEMILC004] milc Presents - T.O.M. EP Vol.1 (Free EP DL)

All of us 'hiphop headz' here at milc have been saving this free release as an early xmas present to all of our friends & supporters! From milc and all of the homies in Holland representing T.O.M. (The Original Moeimakers) we bring to you, the first of the T.O.M. Free EP series, featuring artists like Styn, Bertholet, Fona, Tovasu & KJ Lazy! They serve you a brilliant collage of hiphop beats inspired by the sounds of old jazz and 40s & 50s pop 45s make the T.O.M. EP stand out in the ever expanding sea of EDM. Hats off to the Holland crew for letting us bless our fans ears with classic and classy sound of underground instrumental hiphop, that reps our generation! Big up!

01 - Styn - Sleep Tight
02 - Tovasu - How It Go
03 - KJ Lazy - Now Where Were We
04 - Fona - Huh
05 - Tovasu - The Kings Child
06 - Bertholet - Hugz From The Honeys
07 - 'The Sampler Mix'

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