[MILC029] Gutz - Way Of The Samurai EP Sampler (Out Dec 22)

A couple of eastern jems from Gutz! Starting of with the HUGE collab tune 'Way Of The Samurai'! 'Way of the Samurai', is one of those tunes that gets everybody up off the wall while playin out! Wulf's brush of percussion perfection really makes the tune sound liek an instant classic! 'Guidance' is like taking an old caravan through the ancient snow forests of japan during a cold winter. Super sweet and chill vibes all through out, rockin on a broken rhythm that really keeps you on your toes! Closing the EP are the vocal and instrumental versions of 'Awake' an remake 808 version of Gutz' classic remix of Traumatik's 'Wake Up'! Hopefully you dig the different vibes on this EP, and hope you are ready for part II in a few months: 'Will of the Shogun'

01 - Gutz & Wulf - Way Of The Samurai
02 - Gutz - Guidance
03 - Gutz Feat Traumatik - Awake
04 - Gutz - Awake (Instrumental)

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