[MILC030] Itchy Robot - Deconstructed EP Sampler [Out Jan 5th!]

For the beginning of the new year we are kicking off releases with the OG Itchy Robot and his Deconstructed EP! Deconstructed offers a super dark and minimal approach to dubstep to compare of his earlier releases, and packs a huge punch on all sound systems! This EP has been a long time coming and we are super proud to present it at the start on 2015! Closer is a fast paced roller and pumps as if robots were jamming out in a drum circle! Extradition we think would've fit perfectly on the Dark Compilation we released last January, and has a serious atmosphere going on in the heavy misty vibes. Deconstructed is a straight heater, a little slowed in tempo, shrieking mid range and super deep basslines screech across the room, in and out, very technical production on this one, not to say the others lack, this EP is huge for only a 3 track release, but be sure every song on here is fire! Cop!

01 - Itchy Robot - Closer
02 - Itchy Robot - Extradition
03 - Itchy Robot - Deconstructed

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