milc Presents: The Bass Camp Mix Archive 2011-2012 by Gutz aka Mr F [Free DL]

As we promised, second in our archived mix line up, we are proud to present, Gutz' tribute to dubstep and bassmusic mixing: The 2011-2012 Bass Camp Mix Series! A series of 19 mixes highlighting the best of the times in the 2011-2012 dubstep music scene. Like in the DubBus series we gave away last week, this archive really covers all the bases as far as feels and vibes go. No. But really, Gutz really crafted each mix meticulously to make sure every tune was in key and every song's rhythm didn't interrupt the next in the mix, basically standard procedure that you don't quite get to hear these days, there are even a few vinyl mixes in the bunch. Anyway make sure to check out the 'Bass Camp' series in the free section! Peace and Merry Xmas!


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