[MILC032] Lory Kong - Trials EP (Out May 4th Bandcamp | May 18th World Wide Release!)

Lory Kong is one of milc’s top up and coming producers. Born and raised in Houston, Texas. Kong was introduced to the Dubstep scene around late 2009 and was DJing and producing just a year later. Lory has been using Reason since the beginning and has been on Reason 8 since it’s been out! This self-taught prodigy is surely on his way to big things and ‘Trials’ is a great example of just how he’s doing that!

Exclusive bandcamp release on May 4th!! (Includes Bonus Track)

Worldwide release on May 18th!! (No Bonus Track Included)

01 - Lory Kong - Trials
02 - Lory Kong - Janube
03 - Lory Kong - Just For Kicks
04 - Lory Kong - Dubstep Epidemic
05 - Lory Kong - Back Room

Lory’s debut release on milc ‘Trials’ starts off with just that, one of the biggest tunes on the EP! Dub vibes are peppered throughout this one, with a pulsing bassline sure to get the dance floor jumping! You will find hints of that Lofi 70’s Kingston sound echoing around the room when rinsed and is a great tune that stands out in a mix!

So, how does one follow up to such a big tune like ‘Trials’, with out killing the vibe of the party? In this instance ‘Janube’ delivers. With a driving tribal bounce, and such a beautiful percussion track, this tune is hard not to want to put in the next set! The sub alone should be able to get the ladies wet. Old school vibes on this one will make everybody in the room more than happy to keep moving.

‘Just For Kicks’ marks the halfway point of the EP and sounds like it could belong to a halfway house. For those that like that retarded dirty gully sound in their dubstep, this one is def for you. Minimalistic vibes layered with such warm synths it makes the hairs on your skin stand up when it hits that 17th bar. ‘Just For Kicks’ pays a perfect complement to Joedan & Styn’s ’Gully’ EP that milc released about a year ago! This is definitely a tune to have in the collection.

What is a Dubstep EP without a banger? ‘Dubstep Epidemic’ is that tune. A straight Skream wobbler that sends shivers down the spine of the listener. Seriously a milc classic right here! You can look for a VIP or remix of this in the future on an upcoming milc compilation! Don’t miss this one!

‘Back Room’ is honestly one of the most diverse sounding tunes on the EP. It’s one of those tracks that take you on a real head-trip while listening. It could even be a musical interpretation of a bad acid trip, which definitely makes for some good Dubstep. The way the tune drops is just so unique and bone chilling that it makes a great tune to pull out in a smoky warehouse party or something that reeks of a proper sound system.

Overall, we here at milc think Lory Kong’s ‘Trials’ EP is the perfect way to kick off our 2015 release lineup! You can be sure to hear more of Lory Kong in the near future and like we said, he is definitely on his way to big things! Make sure to pick up ‘Trials’ and most of all, book this dude at your local parties! You can find ‘Trials’ in all digital retailers on May 18th! Big up the milc crew and the new addition to the roster: Lory Kong!

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