[FREEMILC005] SkintDisco - The Fresh 'milc' EP [Free WAV DL]

After not having any real release movement after the (actually quite successful) Lory Kong - Trials EP, SkintDisco hit us up and sent us 5 tunes that he wanted to release 'THIS WEEK' to get the ball rolling between releases! When I opened the folder and played the first track I was gassed dude wanted to put it out as a download! I directly chopped up some shitty half assed wannabe Monsta Art, so we could release this freebie ASAP as part of the FREEMILC series! (So we do owe monsta one!) This Fresh milc EP is SERIOUS, and loaded with 3 SkintDisco dubs & 2 Bonus Tracks that are all honestly complete fire, and that we would've been more than delighted to have as an official release!

So without any further bullshit, here is the download.




01 SkintDisco - Skinton Hunter
02 SkintDisco - The Message
03 SkintDisco - The Motion Tracker
04 SkintDisco - Prepare (Bonus Track)
04 SkintDisco - Prepare VIP (Bonus Track)

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