[MILC37] Jonah Freed - 1/2 mt EP (Out Feb 22nd)

MILC037, the first official release of the year for milc and obviously for the man Jonah Freed. Now normally you wouldn't expect a hiphop EP to be coming out on our bass music label, but if the bass is plentiful and the music is good, then you best believe it will be on milc regardless of genre or speed. Jonah Freed is the future. Period. You may have heard snippets of him on Rinse.fm or other various radio stations, clubs or warehouses, thats because man delivers quality music with actual emotion and feeling but without failing to make your head bob. And don't be fooled, Jonah Freed makes ill dubstep too! (you can catch the tune called 'Tactile' on the forthcoming Deep compilation, coming out this April or May) The half empty EP oops, I mean 1/2 mt EP starts off with Andalusia.

Strokes of vivid reds and oranges, tropical flavors and latin vibes. An uplifting beginning to the start of a future classic EP. Hilton, talk about classic, Mr Freed delivers on this one, it's one of those beats that flatter the MC, one to pick up! I'll be is a definite favorite, this one takes us back to the early 2000s with sounds resembling the legendary RJD2, makes me want to bust out the linoleum and start hittin some head glides. Standing In The Shadows is seriously just screaming for ill bars, where's the pen and paper? Witching Hour was probably constructed during hard times and rainy weather, melancholic and even with a dark overhang, brings balance to the almost perfect EP, leaving you with the though of what is this dude going to do next? Make sure to pick this big EP up in the hip hop section on your favorite digital music retailer on February 22nd 'Jonah Freed - 1/2 mt EP

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