[MILC036] Myxed Up - Protection Dub EP (Out Now!)

Denver's very own Myxed Up has brought in the vibes with the Protection Dub EP which has been out now for a few weeks (that you can pick up in any and all digital music retailers). Myxed Up has definitely brought in the new year with the proper positive vibes and energy that seems to be radiating out of the Denver underground scene long before the legalization of the sweet sweet cheeba. The Protection Dub EP opens up with just that, Protection Dub, directly hitting the listener below the belt. The depth is real. Clear Thinking, (my personal favorite) is where the heart of all that positive energy is gathered on the EP, the track is truly an inspirational one, cannot pinpoint where the sample is from, but it just compliments the production so well, hats off to the kid.

Boomah was the tune that first got us hooked on Myxed Up's sound, the air and minimal approach was the perfect dub to fit in our sets, deep, dark and ugly. (Boomah was originally planned to be released on the forthcoming Deep compilation :P) Sacred, atmospheric pads, DEEEP bass, and incredibly tranquil vibes; qualities that ooze from the Rocky Mountain resident. Ancient another favorite of ours is the one to drop on the masses, bathe them in the bass. The EP comes to a violent close with Gutz' roller of a remix of Boomah, which you can hear a wash of authentic SRE 555 chorus echo splash all around all over the place, quite nice. We should also be expecting some bonus tracks (freebies) in the near future from man Myxed Up but for now make sure to grab this HUGE EP in stores now!

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