milc Presents: The DubBus Mix Archive 2009-2010 by Gutz aka Mr F [Free DL]

If you are a true milc head, you will remember the 'DubBus' mix series by Gutz, known as Mr F at the time, which was a monthly mix thing done with a midi controller on a bus touring the USA. The series started in late 2009 and spanned all the way till late 2010. The name of the series was eventually named basscamp and was settled in LA in 2011. Anyway the first couple years of Gutz' DJ career are documented in both series and both 'DubBus' & 'Basscamp' really go through the sounds of the times! The folder includes over 1 day of music on 23 different mixes! Make sure to check the series out for free on milc.fm in the freetunes section!

or just download it directly here!

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