[MILC033] Zoobi - Human Touch (Out Monday October 12th)

Zoobi's signature OG sound on the 'Human Touch' EP pulls the soul right out from the depths of your rotting corpse. Boiler starts things off with a backdrop of ancient ruins and sacrificial practices. Witchdoctors skank out around piles of burning bone and bubbling flesh to dark basslines that could only be conjured by the man himself, Zoobi. His next offering, 'Slow Jam' takes us from the burning deserts of 'Boiler' to the cavernous deep thoughts of inside Brain. Dub echoes and sounds from the abyss sloth around in a bloody bass bath so deep that it will make your insides turn out. 'Memories' is a tribute to those whose closets are filled with black. Dark vibes and the quintessential Zoobi ultra black bassline dominates any dance floor. 'Frank' is where things start to get a little psychotic, the creator definitely had the intention to kill, slowly and with an evil minimalistic touch. My personal favorite to use as a set opener, to let everybody know that the apocalypse is coming. Finally,'Human Touch' the final chapter to Zoobi's version of the book of revelations, grinds what remains of you into dust. Hope that settles everything, make sure too keep your eye out for 'Human Touch' by Zoobi (MILC033) out on all major digital retailers October 12, 2015!

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