[MILC035] Gutz - New Sound LP (Out Monday Nov 9th)

New Sound is finally here! Over a year in the making, if you haven’t heard anything from Gutz in awhile, it’s because the milc boss has been in the kitchen blending out beats for this album! Guts’ original style is stamped all over the LP and has a skanking rhythm that pumps throughout most of the record making it perfect for playing at parties and big shows.

Gutz’ remix of Wulf’s classic tune ‘Bless’ is a superb opener to the album and gives that vibe that the rest of whats coming, is going to be proper. A perfect song to start an album or even a show with. A hint of Wulf on any kind of bass music release and bodies tend to hit the floor.

‘New Sound’… the single and the name of the album. I think that says everything no? Definitely the banger of the lot, makes people dance, gives people that screw face that they are looking for, a legitimate skanker. Be fully aware that evil baselines lurk just around the corner and might creep up on you if you aren’t paying attention…

“You better fight, you better get up tight, don’t be a square because ‘Warfare!” Another one of those tunes that just shoots pulsing 808 bass down your throat. An instant dubstep classic and an all around favorite of most of the milc team! This played along with either track one two on this album during a DJ set is mashup heaven, get it to it!

Indica, one of the latest artists added to the official milc roster makes his appearance on the New Sound LP on the collaboration entitled ‘Konfusion Dub’! The track was in fact made before any of the tunes were made on his debut EP “Dilation” which was released on milc earlier this year! Making this tune the oldest Indica tune on release! This crossover wobbler fills the room with a proper shower of bass.

‘Children’s Song’ another crowd favorite, delivers what the rest of the album couldn’t, fast driving 808 action. Stepping away from the skank and two step for a quick minute, and back to our african roots. Tribal rhythms and 140 footwork dominate the subs and gets those booties shakin’!!

Cooling off a bit with some tropical Jamaican vibes, we drop ‘Sunshine Dub’ into the mix and we slow things back down into that Gutz groove. A clean chilled out dub with a double timed baseline with a sub pumping so hard that windows may actually break, with Audio Animals UK on the mix and master you could very well expect it.

Dinner Plate notably Wulf’s favorite tune of the lot has probably more play time out in clubs than anything else on the LP. A tribute to a dub classic, Gutz’ spin on ‘Dinner Plate’ puts the classic back into a modern DJ’s ammunition crate!

Ending the originals portion of the album with a bang, Gutz brings you ‘Bass Hittin’! What could’ve easily been the hit single on the album, is delivered as a surprise never heard before final end boss tune! Bringing back that dirty bass you may have only heard in ‘New Sound’ Gutz injected a little bit of that heavy flavor that some of them ride kids still crave! But of course sprinkled with proper proportions of that awkward Gutz vibe. Make sure to also catch the instrumental if you aren’t feeling too much of that Skream vibe ;]

What would an LP be without remixes by artists that are strong in the game? SkintDisco’s remix of ‘New Sound’ has already been heard all over the world from the dark dirty warehouse parties in Paris, France and Denver, Colorado USA to some of the biggest dubstep radio shows in the world (Get Darker) & others! Dark Elixir with the left hook smashed out the Children’s Song remix and completely reworked it into a bass music monster and completes the masterpiece of Gutz debut album New Sound

Finally, the New Sound LP is Gutz’ tribute to the real deal dubstep sound, actually going out of his way to recut and piece together many old forgotten dubs and rework them into bass driven dance floor classics! Good for the warehouse parties of the future or even just for listening to at the crib.

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