[FREEMILC006] Gutz - 'The Will Of The Shogun' EP (Remixes by Hoztel, Seriph & Bonkrz) [Free DL]

We apologize in advance for the bad taste as far as the gore on the cover art goes, but this is the only release we have professionally ready to go for such a last minute giveaway. On behalf of milc we would like to apologize in advance in hopes we offend nobody. Cheers and nothing but our utmost respect!

We here at milc are honored to give a very big release away today in memorial for all of the innocent lives that were taken from us this past Friday night in Paris. Being in the midst of all the chaos and violence here in as a foreigner in Paris, the least we can do as musicians and or producers, is offer something that might bring some positivity back to people who might need be in need of some, with all the destruction, carnage and stupidity happening around us...

Our humble offer is the choice to either download for free 'The Will Of The Shogun EP', or make any kind of contribution or donation at the time of downloading where then the proceeds for [FREEMILC006] will go directly to the local help center in the 11th arrondissement in Paris (which happens to be the neighborhood where 2 of the 6 massacres occurred last Friday night. Any sort of effort or compassion will be greatly appreciated by the people of France and the others that have been directly affected by this tragic event. Thanks for your support and enjoy the release! An extra big thanks to Hoztel, Seriph & Bonkrz for being kind enough to put in work for the cause, and James 'DarkElixir' for the quick turn around on the last minute mastering! Peace Love Unity & Respect to all!


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